6/365: Friday, October 21, 2022.

Brain exhausted tonite. (Processed & posted this photo a few hours ago, but couldn’t decide what to write.) I’ve read this book before, revisited it on occasion. I had a page turned down for myself in which Dillard is very encouraging about getting a book written. 

I had some ideas about which content I wanted to start tackling for blog writing, and I haven’t developed into them yet. Sure, it’s only the first week of this new writing practice—but, also: sure, my body had other plans to show myself all day, and does it seem effing likely that I don’t have ten minutes a day to point out a few paragraphs I normally enjoyed to try to type up? Hate it, fucking hate it. Can’t wait to get my new approach to output and productivity. 

…aaaaaaand so, I’ll be back tomorrow. 


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