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Twitter has been a refuge for me for almost 8 years now. Day 0. Yesterday. I decided just now to make today Day 1 in a daily online entry here on this Twitter, so I'll call yesterday Day 0--a pleasant experience I wish I could return to. I went to two yoga classes yesterday--one in the morning & one in the evening, and I got deep into poses in both. In between the classes, I got to finally organize a bunch more in my wardrobe. Make fun of me if you wish--or don't, actually. Fashion is serious business, and having an organized approach to life and home just as important. I'm tired of thinking I have to acknowledge the tittering at these topics--I'm probably just suffering from a case of didn't-major-in-that. This is a major area of interest for me, and has been since adolescence. But, to put writing to it... @LuckyMagazine , I considered you a BFF from the beginning; Hyper-organized @Gap , you not only indulged my OCD, but required & rewarded it. And I lear