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probs time for a blog style change again

working on a blog style change today, among other things.  first, let's listen to the award-winning jug band Wahoo Skiffle Crazies perform: Beach Street Messaround okay, great. this is the face of #adulting:  and this is my Instagram, where you can find  me, #adulting ok. nowthen, I am kidding  this much. I mean,  THIS MUCH. ok, great. let's #work. 

Last Minute Sunday Night Food Planning Motivation

It's 7:15 pm and I'm in the Stop & Shop parking lot. I'm convinced I can pick up a few items, go home, & make the following dishes to eat for various small meals this week:  * Whole grain unsweetened apple tart  * Overnight oats * Baked sweet potatoes & peaches * This tofu & rice plate: