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blogging & dieting: the Monday momentum factor

Hi everyone,  ...and happy Monday, I suppose. This is a little flimsier than I was planning to be in writing, but I tend to be a lot more colloquial when addressing daily health & fitness matters, so... ok.  It's mid-May of my 2017 plan to re-rollout my web presence. (I say re-rollout because my first internet presence 2005-2008 was a large project that took over most of my working time, and helped cause a complete change in life trajectory for me. Now it's 9 years later with a different lifestyle and a new strategy in place.)  So let's talk blogging. But first, let's jump on the Monday bandwagonness, and put that momentum towards... blogging and dieting. Yep. Because dieting requires mondo amounts of affirmation & directives-to-self--and that's words words words.  I'll be writing here & across other social media more as I tackle this. Feel free to leave comments here or @ me on Twitter. I talk healthy recipes, low-glycemic dessert alternatives, yoga